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The Significance of a Diamond Wedding Ring

A wedding ring is a symbol of love, and just as a ring has no beginning or end, it symbolises eternity.  Love is eternal and a wedding ring is a symbol given to seal that love between husband and wife.  What better way to show this than with a diamond wedding ring. Some couples prefer a simpler design when it comes to wedding bands.  This is often seen as another symbolic attribute: love should be simple and without a second agenda.

The wedding ring is typically worn on the left ring finger of the wearer.  This is because of an age-old belief that the left ring finger has the shortest vein to the heart.  This vein was even named vena amoris, meaning vein of love.  As cute and touching as that is, it unfortunately is not actually the shortest vein to the heart.

White gold engagement ring with pear shape halo and matching wedding band with diamonds

It turns out that all the veins in both your hands are of a similar length.

Regardless of this fact, it is still worn on the left ring finger by most people, however this is different for some cultures.  In Germany a wedding ring is worn on a man’s right hand, signifying that his bride is always on his right.  It is also the hand that would grab his sword further signifying that he would fight for his lady.  Either way, a wedding ring, in its most basic form, still remains a symbol of never-ending love no matter where you wear the ring.

Classic wedding rings are an excellent choice for engaged couples in the market for traditional, timeless rings.  Like most bridal jewellery, classic wedding rings come in yellow gold, white gold and platinum.  Classic wedding rings are known for their comfort, as opposed to more intricate or carved wedding rings.  Unlike engagement rings, both men and women wear wedding rings all the time and therefore it is extremely important that they are comfortable for everyday wear.

The choice of metal is important.  Some metals match certain skin tones better than others, your consultant will be able to help you with a choice regarding metal.  Some skin types also have an allergic reaction to certain metals but fear not! There is always an alternative to suite your individual needs. 

Many men’s rings are made out of either tungsten or titanium.  Tungsten is an extremely hard metal, 10 times harder than gold and 4 times harder than titanium.  This makes it a very good choice for a men’s ring, the toughness of the metal makes it a bit more masculine than gold which is a much softer metal.  The one downside to such a hard metal is of course being brittle.

This does not mean that it will shatter if accidentally knocked against a table, no it is much more durable than that, but if it is subjected to extreme pressures, it would snap or break before it bends.  This means that it cannot be resized.  The brittleness can actually be seen as a safety feature, believe it or not! The ring can be shattered if needed in an emergency. 

Titanium is an interesting metal.

It has a natural light grey colour that can be polished to shine or it can be made to appear matte.  It is a very lightweight material and is a popular choice for both men and women when it comes to wedding rings. The lightweight nature of the ring is ideal for anyone who is not used to wearing jewellery.

The durability of the metal is also desirable and will not bend or break under any normal circumstances.  Titanium can also be anodized to change its colour.  In layman’s term, it is zapped with an electrical current to change its colour.  Many different colours are available so there is no need to feel inhibited at all.  The downfall of anodized rings is that the colour can fade after time especially when being cleaned.  If it is scrubbed with an abrasive, the oxide layer (which is the colour) will come off and it will have to be reapplied.  Titanium rings can be cleaned by letting them soak in warm soapy water and then soaking it in a window cleaner for a few minutes before letting it air dry.

One very important note on Titanium and Tungsten rings: These metals cannot be resized.  They are not pliable and will shatter if they are resized.  Titanium rings can be made bigger only by shaving away the inside of the ring.

When choosing your wedding rings, the width is very important.  The width of your wedding ring is a matter of personal style entirely.  Some men and women prefer wider bands while others prefer narrower bands.  The width of a woman’s wedding ring specifically, depends entirely on the design of her engagement ring.  If a woman with small hands already has a large, wide engagement ring, choosing a narrower band for her wedding ring is a better choice. 

A woman with larger hands can handle wider bands on both engagement and wedding rings but might prefer not to.  Women’s wedding rings can match their engagement rings in some way but can be in different widths and look beautiful together.  The two rings can even be soldered together if so desired, further symbolising a marital bond.

Women’s carved wedding rings are a popular choice for women who prefer a twist on the classic wedding ring.  Carved wedding rings have some sort of carving on them, as opposed to classic wedding rings which are plain and do not have any engravings or patterns.  Women with simple or understated engagement rings, often prefer to wear intricate carved wedding rings.  Carved wedding rings, however, also look striking next to flashy or engagement rings.

Eternity rings are usually encrusted with diamonds and sparkle magnificently when worn alongside your engagement or wedding ring.  Women’s diamond eternity rings come in all shapes and sizes— all metal types and widths.  Women’s diamond eternity wedding rings are a beautiful symbol of a lifelong commitment of two souls coming together.  For women who prefer sparkly jewellery, diamond eternity wedding rings are a great choice. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Wedding rings or wedding bands are worn by both men and women and are usually given to each other as part of the ring ceremony on the wedding day. An engagement ring is usually more intricate in design and is given to the fiancé at the proposal. An engagement ring can have a diamond or any other gemstone as the centre stone.

The brilliant round cut is always a favourite, the simple shape fits with most ring designs. The oval is also gaining popularity because it appears larger than a round cut of the same carat weight.

The half-eternity band is very popular among the ladies because of its feminine appearance and simplistic design.

9ct gold consists of 37.5% pure gold. The remaining 62.5% consists of alloys of various metals to provide strength to the ring. 18ct gold consists of 75% pure gold and only 25% alloys.

Note: 9ct rose and yellow gold is harder than its 18ct counterpart because of the alloys added to strengthen the metal. However, 18ct white gold is harder than 9ct white gold due to a lower amount of silver (which is softer) added as part of the alloys.