Visser du Plessis


Visser du Plessis is the Owner of YourDiamonds (YD), traditionally known as Investment Diamond Brokers (DIB/IDB).  Du Plessis has been in the diamond business since 1986, when he was still a student. Thank you for visiting this Website:

If you are actively in the market to buy Jewelery, and not the proverbial “tyre-kicker”, then after you have read this, you will hopefully be convinced that YD is the better option.

There are many other similar websites and some might even appear to be better than the YD website.  There are certainly many other good deals out there, but how do you make a sound judgement? The good guys and the bad guys all look the same on the Web.

Remember: at the end of the day, you will be wearing an actual piece of jewellery, and not a photo-shopped enhanced picture from the web.  Reality should be your guide. 

There are certain things that YourDiamonds will not do, and things they will do. They will not sell you diamonds from some unknown laboratory or even use a false laboratory name.

All their diamonds are certified by one of the top three laboratories in the world.

They will not sell you lab grown, colour enhanced or fracture filled diamonds, which is commonplace these days.

YourDiamonds will sell you natural diamonds, the only diamonds that keep their high value.

YD is not a middle man selling consignment stock; you have come to the source. They purchase their diamonds directly from the mines.

The people at YD are always hungry to do business with you.  Now for the real reasons why they believe to be the better option:

Besides their extremely competitive prices, YD allows you to twist their arm and really negotiate. If you speak to one of the consultants and you still feel you can get a better price, you may ask for the owner by name, and if at all possible, he will give you a better price.

If he can’t, he will give you the reason.

They will add value to your transaction, irrespective of the amount you spend.

If you decide to buy from someone else, you are welcome to use YD advice free of charge. They will gladly guide you through the process, even if they lose the transaction to another company.

For the last 34 years YD had a policy of creating friends for life. The proof of that is, irrespective of all their marketing efforts, the majority of their clients are still return customers.

YourDiamonds gives you a money back guarantee, subject to some fair conditions. As Du Plessis stated before, reality should be your guide.  In some cases where clients can not physically see the jewelery before they pay, this guarantee will cover a money back promise if you receive the item and it is not the same design you approved.  Most importantly: if you do have a complaint, how insignificant it might be, Du Plessis will personally attend to it, until you are happy.

You can contact him directly on

Du Plessis says: “I have always said, and still say: If a client is unhappy it is his or her fault.” Why? If you are unhappy and you did not let me know, I was not afforded the opportunity do my utmost best to remedy the complaint.

In our industry word-of-mouth is key. If a client is happy, he or she tells three people, if they are unhappy they tell ten people.  I cannot wait to meet you and render you an unbelievable buying experience.

Lastly, YD is not just a virtual shop:

  • Dedicated designers that will design until you are happy
  • Dedicated consultants
  • Financial experts
  • Guarantee lowest prices in the industry
  • All our diamonds are laboratory certified
  • Effective stock levels for the benefit of the client
  • Insurance Valuations for every new item and also for all your own jewellery
  • We leave no stone untouched to find exclusive and rare items
  • We service clients all over South Africa and the world.
  • Personal appointment with every client
  • We make “difficult” clients happy
  • Qualified Diamond dealers/graders in house
  • Goldsmith in house
  • Free Parking
  • Security on the highest level

YD supplies:

  • Internet clients
  • Walk-in clients (by appointment)
  • Referrals
  • Manufacturing jewellers
  • Insurance Companies
  • Retail Outlets
  • Wholesalers
  • Dealers
  • Overseas Companies

Visiting the YD offices, if at all possible, for you to come to Pretoria, will be first prize. If you are in outlying areas within the Gauteng region, a consultant can come to you. If you live any further, the money back guarantee should cover potential concerns.  YD also has state-of-the-art photography equipment to send you video footage and clear photographs of diamonds, precious / semi-precious stones and jewelery.

Kindest regards,