Top 9 Jewellery Trends

We’ve compiled a list of the top 9 jewellery trends; all timeless pieces that will never go out of style.

Tennis diamond bracelet

1. Tennis Bracelets

While some jewellery styles go through trends and changes, a tennis bracelet set with diamonds is the ultimate in style. Dressed up or down it goes with everything in your wardrobe and can be worn every day. It is simply the perfect accessory for work, a shopping spree or relaxing with friends. For evening wear, a white gold diamond tennis bracelet has enough impact to be worn with an elaborate necklace and chandelier earrings. It will be the most versatile item in your jewellery wardrobe. It simply never goes out of style.

2. Diamond studs

Round diamond studs is the most classic way to dress up your ears, be it in haste or taking time with putting together a certain look. They are the most versatile priced jewellery item, with a vast selection of sizes, colours and clarities to choose from. Metal is a personal choice and allergies should be considered, as they are the closest jewellery item to human skin. The setting styles include three prongs, four prongs, six prongs, full tubes and half tubes.  Diamond studs are probably the best and safest choice one can make when it comes to buying a gift.

Channel set eternity

3. Eternity bands

A diamond eternity band is the most classic wedding band for a solitaire engagement ring.

Be it a full eternity band with diamonds all the way around or a half eternity with diamonds halfway around the band, this is a must-have item. It is also one of the most perfect anniversary gifts. What makes an eternity band so popular is that you can invent your own style to keep it modern but also stick to the timeless classics. With more modern diamond cuts coming to the fold, your eternity ring can be a once-off design.

4. Statement rings

We all own that one ring that symbolizes our permanence, personality and style. It might be a family heirloom, a bold silver ring, our birthstone ring or that ring we splashed on with a bonus. It is the ring that never gets taken off or the first item we put on in the morning. Most often they are set with a coloured gemstone and in your favourite metal. The size is perfect and we often find ourselves admiring it with a smile.
White and yellow gold ring with diamond in bezel setting
Mixed colours

5. Mixed colours

From Egyptian times we have been experimenting with metal formulations and mixing gem colours. This item is versatile and can be anything from a ring to a pendant, earrings or a bracelet. Blending colours bring an amazing blast of life and character to jewellery and is still the most intriguing way to explore your personality. Think rose gold with garnets and citrine or white gold with peridot and blue topaz, yellow gold with contrasting white gold and overlays of brilliant diamonds. It matches most of your wardrobe and enhances your other jewellery pieces. 

6. Huggies

These earrings are a staple, put them in and forget they are there. They are the most comfortable earring to ever be designed, the clasp is safe enough to sleep with and they simply fold flat against your skin when you lay your head down. The design possibilities are endless, ranging from plain metal to set with a row of diamonds or gemstones. Size is a personal choice, but the rule of thumb is not to go larger than 18mm. They are to “hug” the bottom of your earlobe, hence the name Huggies.

White gold tree pendant with blue topaz,london blue topaz and peridot gemstones

7. Personalized Jewellery

Personalized jewellery has stood the test of time. It will always have meaning to you. They symbolize a treasured moment in your life: a wedding, a birth, the passing of a loved one, your 21st birthday, a bond between father and daughter, a promise of betrothal or your Christening. Having your name engraved on an item makes it yours and yours only. Mothers carry the names of their children close to their hearts on pendants. Adding the birthstones of each child have become popular and lends colour to the item.

8. Stacking bands

Stacking rings are probably the most fun to have with combining old and new items. They are not limited to price as they are done from silver to platinum. Mixing metals are popular by combining rose gold, white gold, yellow gold and even throwing in a silver band or two for spacing. Adding stones will enhance the look, anything from real diamonds to gemstones. Engraved bands or bands with patterns are very versatile. They can be worn in threes, fives and even sevens. In modern times brides opt for two different style wedding bands with their engagement ring to mix things up and keeping the look fresh and timeless. 

Rose gold diamond engagement ring with bypass tapered pave and matching wedding bands

9. Pendants

One of the most classic items created was the pendant. Women today wear them on chains in any length and even layer them with other pendants. They are derived from the primitive practice of wearing amulets or talismans around the neck. This practice dates from the Stone Age, when pendants consisted of such objects as shells, stones, seeds and even teeth. Today we adorn them with diamonds, gemstones and engravings. They are available in all metals from silver, rose gold, yellow gold, white gold and platinum.