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White gold pear shape sapphire and round diamond ring

These classic and elegant rings, often referred to as Past, Present, and Future rings, also known as three stone rings are an ever popular choice when it comes to engagement ring styles. Apart from their aesthetic appeal, three stone engagement rings are rich with symbolism.

As the name implies, three stone engagement rings boast a centre gem accented by two diamonds or colourful gemstones on either side.

Three stone engagement rings’s meaning tells a story. The three main stones featured on these engagement rings symbolize a couple’s past, present, and future. While every engagement ring is imbued with its own special meaning, this beautiful representation makes three stone engagement rings an especially romantic choice. 

When proposing with a three stone engagement ring, one can reflect with their partner on the love they have shared, the love they share now, and therefore the unique love they will always have for each other.

What would we suggest for three stone engagement rings?

Three stone diamond engagement rings often feature round brilliant diamonds, princess cut diamonds, or a mixture of a variety of fancy shaped diamonds as accent stones on the sides of the centre stone. Styles range from simple to intricate and can include halos or pavé diamond accents and engravings around the band.

Trellis Diamond settings feature an interwoven prong design sweeping upward to embrace two round brilliant diamond or oval cut diamonds on the sides. The three stones are set proud and prone to enhance the interwoven design of the Trellis.

As with diamond three stone rings, three stone engagement rings featuring colourful gemstones can also be found in a variety of styles and shapes. Including any of the birth stones such as sapphires, aquamarines, garnets, emeralds, tanzanites, topaz, peridot or amethyst in your engagement ring offers a gorgeous pop of colour, for a look that’s unique to you! You may choose to have your three stone engagement ring feature one coloured gemstone exclusively, or you might want to mix and match. Accenting a centre diamond with two coloured gemstones makes for a beautiful look, and vice versa.

A sleek yellow gold band set with three round stones is one among the foremost classic engagement ring settings. Your love might not be a textbook bride but like this style of ring but it is sure to stand the test of time.

Another option when shopping for the perfect three stone engagement ring is to look through a selection of vintage engagement rings

Originating from romantic eras of the past, these rings are embedded with a history of their own, making the symbolic meaning of three stone rings all the richer. The distinctive fantastic thing about vintage rings adds to their appeal.

Organic three stone ring designs are open for interpretation and can set your ring aside as a one-of-kind design. These rings can carry the symbolism of the three stones without compromising on your personal taste and love of nature.

Picture frame prongs highlight a princess cut shape best. Princess cut diamonds are legendary for their sparkle and can be paired with baguette cuts, trillion cuts or pear cuts.

The same design rule can be applied to the ever elegant marquise cut diamond. If your taste lies in the bolder centre diamond range, selecting this cut of diamond on your three stone ring will create maximum sophistication and sparkle.

A three stone emerald cut style ring is ideal for the woman who loves diamonds but hates bling. An elegant, polished band can hold a structured trio of crisp, clear stones that speak for themselves.

For the ultimate sparkle at an approachable price point, choose a three stone ring with triple halos. The pavé diamonds create the illusion of larger centre stones and add a lot of shine.

In conclusion

If you’ve got a particular look in mind, choosing a customized three stone ring could be the way to go. Share your unique vision with your designer and consultant to bring your one-of-a-kind ring to life.

Three stone diamond rings have proven to be a favourite among brides-to-be right now, and we have a strong inkling the Meghan Markle effect has something to do with the spike. 

Prince Harry proposed with a three-stone ring that features a centre cushion cut diamond framed by two round brilliant diamonds from Princess Diana’s personal collection. It’s rich in meaning in addition to being utterly dazzling.