The Popularity of Customised Jewellery


Personalised jewellery has evolved since the noughties, and it’s much more than just your name on a bracelet or necklace these days. South African women have always had a flair for unique and interesting pieces to call their own, and now they can have custom jewellery made in Pretoria. If you’ve inherited an engagement ring, you might be interested in ring remodeling. Be sure to have a look at our wedding planner checklist to help you prepare for your big day.

There is something alike to intrinsic intrigue when it comes to manufacturing jewellers who create personalised jewellery, because it can be anything you want!

Classic wedding rings are the perfect choice for newly engaged couples in the market for traditional, timeless rings. Like most bridal jewelery, classic wedding rings come in yellow gold, white gold and platinum. Classic wedding rings are known for their comfort, as opposed to more intricate or carved wedding rings. Unlike engagement rings, both men and women wear wedding rings all the time and therefore it is extremely important that they are comfortable for everyday wear.

When choosing your wedding rings, the width is also very important. The width of your wedding ring is entirely a matter of personal style. Some men and women prefer wider bands while others prefer narrower bands. The width of a woman’s wedding ring, specifically, depends entirely the design of her engagement ring. If a woman with small hands already has a large, wide engagement ring, choosing a narrower band for her wedding ring is a better choice. A woman with larger hands can handle wider bands on both engagement and wedding rings, but might prefer not to. Women’s wedding rings can match their engagement rings in some way, but can be in different widths and look beautiful together.

Women’s carved wedding rings are a popular choice for women who prefer a twist on the classic wedding ring. Carved wedding rings have some sort of carving on them, as opposed to classic wedding rings which are plain and do not have any engravings or patterns. Women with simple or understated engagement rings, often choose to wear intricate carved wedding rings. Carved wedding rings, however, also look striking next to flashy or engagement rings.

Eternity rings are usually encrusted in diamonds and sparkle magnificently when worn alongside your engagement or wedding ring. Women’s diamond eternity rings come in all shapes and sizes— all metal types and widths. Women’s diamond eternity wedding rings are a beautiful symbol of a lifelong commitment of two souls coming together. Women who prefer sparkly jewelery, diamond eternity wedding rings are a great choice.

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Customised Jewellery is a Truly Special Gift

The best gift to receive is one that is given with you and your preferences in mind. In this way, personalised jewellery is the highest level of unique gifts you can give to someone. Customised affordable and/or expensive jewellery to fit your budget and is very special and popular. So how then do you give the best gift? First, you customise the piece to fit their personality, and then you fill it with gemstones or a certified diamond for a stunning jewellery piece. It’s that simple.

Personalised Jewellery Has Become a Booming Business

Even the biggest jewellery designers such as Dior and Tiffany have caught on to what people want, namely personalised jewellery. This is great, but these are also only customisable to a point. Having personalised jewellery made for your loved one means that they will be the only one in possession of anything like it. This makes it even more special in the case of a couple, or mother and daughter, who oftentimes choose matching jewellery to link them together.

It may have started by engraving wedding rings with names and dates, but it has subsequently boomed into a thriving industry with many more offerings to choose from. Numerous businesses in South Africa offer jewellery that sport personal messages on standard pieces, which is fantastic and has proven to work very well for the target market in mind.

You could always take it one step further though, design and manufacture a piece of customised jewellery that is truly unique. Manufacturing jewellers and designers offer these services to give the public what they want, and as long as they do, the popularity will only increase as more and more people choose personalised jewellery for a loved one or to treat themselves.