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Yellow gold solitaire double 4 claw ring with oval cut diamond

The most popular traditional engagement ring style that stood the test of time is the solitaire engagement ring. A few others include four-prong settings, bands with diamond accent stones, princess-cut rings, pavé diamonds, and the petite engagement ring. Perhaps you prefer the side stone style or halo diamond rings.

Old World designs have been revived in the Vintage engagement ring, with its Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Edwardian and Victorian styles.

Classic style engagement rings are those ring designs that everyone knows and loves and many a bride-to-be covet from a young age.

When you take the first step in your search for that perfect engagement ring, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. There is a wide variety of styles, colours, cuts, designs, and bands to choose from, and ultimately, your only goal is to sweep your future bride off her feet.

So many styles in one ring

The star of the engagement ring is of course the centre Diamond. Any cut of diamond can make a spectacular Solitaire diamond wedding ring. Here are your choices:

Round brilliant Solitaire: The round brilliant cut diamond is the most popular round diamond shape, cut with 57 facets. This design features frequently in single diamond rings.

Princess Solitaire: Square princess cut diamond. Second most popular, the square Princess cut features over 70 facets.

Emerald cut Solitaire: Rectangular octagon step-cut diamond. A more subtle diamond shape, cut for fire instead of brilliance.

Oval Solitaire: Similar to the round brilliant but elongated. Excellent for size due the cut being lower thus appearing larger in similar round carat weight.

Marquise Solitaire: Boat-shaped with pointed ends. Marquise diamonds give a beautiful elongated diamond with plenty of elegance.

Heart Solitaire: Most romantic heart-shaped brilliant cut. Popular for the sensitive bride-to-be or the traditionalist. A buyer either loves it or not.

Cushion Solitaire: The modern cut most associated with the old mine cut. The soft curves and mostly elongated shape makes an absolute classic ring.

No two solitaire engagement rings are truly the same. Your designer can make your ring unique by making a small change to the classic style. The centre solitaire mount, also known as the collet, comes in a variety of styles:

Four prongs; six prongs ; eight prongs and even ten prongs. Trellis settings ; The Crown collet ; Tension settings ; Bezel settings ; U-collets ; Double claws ; Chevron claws ; Basket settings ; Illusion settings and Antique claws.

All of the above-mentioned collet styles can be decorated in an array of designs by adding a gallery underneath your centre diamond. Height is a personal choice and sitting down with your consultant is the key to understand what is practical for her lifestyle and personality.

A solitaire diamond ring need not be a high affair, making the lady of your hearts’ desire apprehensive to wear her ring every day. There are many stylish and elegant choices in lower settings.

Furthermore, the solitaire band is also available in a multitude of widths, thicknesses, shank profiles and metal choices. From platinum to white gold; yellow gold; rose gold to silver and to a limited degree, titanium. In modern times we are fortunate, with advanced technology, to combine different colour metals to further cater to your unique taste.

An interesting design on the band can set the ring apart by twisting two bands, a sign of your entwined love. Organic designs with flowers and delicate leaves bring a sense of nature and nurture to the feeling of the ring. Structured choices again are available in the form of split shanks, bypass rings, and tension settings.

3 Tone engagement ring with princess cut diamond

If she wants something different

Starting to rethink the solitaire diamond wedding ring route? Don’t worry. There are many other options to enhance solitaire engagement rings. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does she want a bigger style? Adding more stones will create a larger look. This can be achieved by adding a halo of accent stones to the top of the ring.
  • Are you on a low budget? Adding accent diamonds to a smaller center stone could give you a grander appearance at a affordable price.
  • Does she want colour? Go the non-traditional route by using a coloured gemstone for the center – consider sapphire, emerald, ruby, morganite or white sapphire.
  • Is her style more unique? Play that up with a one-of-a-kind customized creation. There are many ways of getting a sense of her style by observing what type of jewellery she already owns.
  • Would she want to wear a diamond wedding band (or bands) with her engagement ring? During your consultation period, in having the engagement ring manufactured, you can discuss this with your designer by making sure from the start that a wedding band will fit flush to the engagement ring.
  • A solitaire ring can also be manufactured to add accent stones onto the band for anniversaries.