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White gold ring with blue round tanzanite in tube setting

Just look at the spare prose of Hemingway, the large swaths of colour in a Mark Rothko painting, or the graceful minimalism of Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture. Like these works of art, a striking diamond in a simple ring setting; be it Round brilliant, Princess cut, Baguette cut, Trillion cut, Heart cut, Cushion cut, Emerald cut, Radiant cut, Asscher cut or even a harmonious three stone ring never goes out of style. But don’t be fooled: choosing an easy ring doesn’t mean that you simply are limited when it involves design and personalization. 

A ring is often both elegant in its simplicity and as utterly unique as your relationship.

Believe it or not, not every woman wants an enormous diamond for her ring. With a more minimal aesthetic, she’s instead drawn to a small engagement ring and dainty diamonds that are demure but still exquisite as seen in a delicate row of diamonds in a diamond eternity band. We love this aesthetic. There’s something about a simplistic diamond wedding ring that’s achingly chic and feels impressively unique. Not to mention a small ring will typically cost much less than a flashier one.

While a small engagement ring is much less attention-grabbing than a larger cut fancy stone ring, this by no means equates to a boring or less than extraordinary style. 

Smaller stones and delicate bands come with beautiful designs that can appear even more intricate than bigger baubles. Taste and personality are the key in choosing this type of design.

If you like a classically cut stone in a pared-back setting (a slight background), a dainty solitaire or three stone ring is perfectly simplistic, delicate, and sophisticated.

For more character there are the cluster rings, milgrain bands, and off-kilter settings with their abstract designs. If you’re the non-showy type there is a unique simplistic design for you.

Practicality of Simplistic wedding rings

A ring is one purchase that a lady will wear every single day for all, or a minimum of a majority, of her life.

Most women prefer to not take their engagement rings on and off throughout the day, so picking a hoop to match her lifestyle is of great importance. A woman who leads a really active lifestyle, for instance, might want to steer clear from a hoop with a raised diamond in fear of damaging the valuable stone.

Although profession is commonly overlooked, the same typically applies to women who tend to help people and work hard with their hands on a daily basis in their jobs. 

Teachers, Nurses, Care-givers, Landscapers and Fitness Instructors for instance, may require special assistance in picking out the best engagement ring for them. Regardless of the multitude of choices, from recess, playtime, emergencies, digging holes to dinner dates and romance, some professions need a diamond engagement ring that will last 24/7.

Your consultant and jewellery designer will work with you on a consultation basis to create your dream ring that fits into your lifestyle and sense of taste.

The best examples

The solitaire:

This ring design consists of a single metal choice and one diamond. In our wonderful modern world a variety of metals are available from Silver, Yellow gold, White gold, Rose gold to Platinum.

We are also spoilt for choice with the various prong settings for the solitaire ring from four claws, six claws, eight claws and bezels. A lot of detail can be done below the solitaire diamond in the form a gallery and even adding a trellis.

Simple rings with side stones:

By adding a row of smaller diamonds on either side of the centre stone, the ring lights up, creating a bit of sparkle without being ostentatious.

A side stone ring is a lovely choice for a lady who wants a single ring. By adding the smaller stones you have your diamond band and solitaire combined into the perfect ring.

Bypass designs:

The bypass ring is very practical when designed correctly. It allows the diamond the sit almost flush with the top of the ring’s metal, protecting the stone from bumps and knocks.

The open design also allows for breathing space between the skin and the setting if you are prone to rashes or work with moisture a lot.

Abstract rings:

From exceptional cuts to rub-over bezel settings and entirely avant-garde shapes, these rings are perfect for the bride eschewing tradition. Literally: anything goes!

This design choice is for the individual who wants practicality combined with texture, off-set stones, combining different shapes and with her roots firmly grounded in individuality. She wants a once-off design with no compromise.

Bypass designs:

A diamond band is probably the most simplistic sign of pure love in the history of jewellery. It is also one of the ring designs with a largest number of design choices all combined in a simplistic straight line.

The small diamonds used range from round brilliant, princess cut, emerald cut, asscher cut, marquise cut, baguette cut to emerald cut.

The setting styles vary as well from pavé setting, channel setting, prong setting, bezel setting to crater setting. Often these designs are finished off with a delicate frame of bright-cutting or milgrain.

Yellow and white gold engagement ring with princess cut diamond in picture frame setting