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White gold princess cut diamond engagement ring

Side-stone or three stone engagement rings feature complementing diamonds or gemstones, which bring out the brilliance of the middle stone. Side stones are often any cut, either matching or contrasting with the main stone of the engagement ring. Start by choosing best side-stone ring setting then set it with a loose diamond or gemstone.

The history of three stone engagement rings

While solitaire engagement rings are thought of as the most “traditional” engagement style, three stone rings are also considered an elegant, classic ring. DeBeers was the first company to introduce a three stone ring on a large scale, and marketed the design as representing the “past, present, and future” of a couple’s relationship.

Also referred to as trinity or trilogy rings, three stone rings remain a trendy choice not just for engagements but also for anniversaries and other relationship milestones. The symbolism of the ring style features a religious aspect thereto reflecting the Holy Trinity, but also has been adopted on a more secular basis to represent “friendship, love, fidelity”, and “mother, father, child.”

Over the years, three stone styles have evolved also. The first three stone rings featured “traditional graduation,” a design style that is still popular today. 

In traditional graduation, the middle stone is as large as the two side stones put together. In other words, either side stone is half the dimensions of the middle stone.

Other three stone rings feature “slight graduation”. The centre stone is just slightly larger than the two side stones. A third option is the “equally sized” three stone rings.

Of course, the three stones of a three stone ring need not all be identical gem. They don’t even need to all be colourless stones! Birthstones and favourite jewels can serve as the side stones or centre stone of a three stone style.

What Is a five Stone Diamond Ring?

As the name obviously implies, a five stone diamond ring contains five stones of equal or graduated size set on a metal shank. There are many ways that a five stone ring can be designed as it’s a very versatile engagement ring setting. Five stone rings are perfect as engagement rings, wedding rings or even anniversary rings.

When it comes to five stone engagement rings, we normally find that the design includes graduated diamonds with a large, centre stone taking the focus. This stone can be of any shape or size, to suit the overall design of the ring. Generally, the same shape is chosen for all five diamonds, to create a cohesive look but choosing different shapes will give you a unique ring that stands out.

Five stone engagement rings can be very elaborate as there is a lot of room to embellish and create a stunning ring. It can be designed to be very dramatic and eye-catching. However, if you favour something on the quieter, minimalist side, consider a five stone ring.

Ultimately, the meaning of a five stone ring is what you decide to give to it. This makes it an exciting choice because it allows for more creativity and personalization. Like writing your own vows, instead of following the script, you can create your own meaning with the five stone ring.

And then there were many more

Thanks to the addition of smaller stones along the band, diamond side stone engagement rings really catch the eye. Engagement ring with diamonds side stones come in a range of styles, including bold sapphires, to a trail of delicate pavé diamonds, and unique tapered baguettes. It may be set in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum. Be colourful. Be classic. Be in love…with your engagement ring.

Diamond Accents on your rings’ band are designed to enhance the overall beauty and brilliance of the piece of jewellery. It is your choice as to how many stones you want to place on either side of your centre stone, or what your budget will allow. We suggest starting your side stones on 0.01ct which is 1.4mm or bigger as to not lose the brilliance of the stones in the metal.

Side stones are generally chosen based on personal preference, though the shape, size, colour and quality impact the overall beauty of the ring.

Small Round Diamonds are simple and stunning accents. Their classic round design makes them an excellent match for every diamond shape and they are well placed in Three Stone, Side Stone, Pave or Channel settings.

Small Round Diamonds provide extra sparkle, personality and elegance to rings. Using Small Round Diamonds as side stones, a ring can be designed to match the unique style and taste of the wearer.

The Baguette cut diamond is also an ideal accent stone because of its large table size and appealing symmetry. Classic in appearance, Baguettes are often available in smaller Carat weights and can be arranged next to other Baguettes to create a row of diamonds. Its step cuts provide a contrast to other Diamond Shapes generally used as a centre stone, such as round cut or cushion cut. Just bear in mind that baguettes tend to have less brilliance than Small Round Diamond side stones.