Sell Your Jewelry


At Your Diamonds we buy gold jewellery in return for cash or you can trade-in your old jewellery on a new piece of jewellery. This way you can get rid of any gold jewellery not living up to its potential. When it comes to buying old gold jewellery, we offer you the best price possible. Rather than let beautiful pieces continue to gather dust, sell or trade them in to Your Diamonds.


Whether it is an inherited piece of jewellery or just jewellery that has lost its flame, letting the jewellery gather dust forever is not the best plan of action.

Your Diamonds buys any of your unwanted jewellery for cash. We calculate prices according to each day’s precious metal prices as well as the rand/dollar exchange rate for the day, where applicable. Our offers are not a once of thing, in fact, if you would like to shop around, you are more than welcome to.

In addition to buying old gold jewellery, we do also purchase diamonds. We purchase diamonds that are set in jewellery as well as loose diamonds. We do not purchase any rough diamonds or rough gemstones.

How to Sell Your Jewellery

In order to determine the correct purity of each item we use a specialised piece of equipment which tells you exactly how much of each precious metal is present.
The Jewellery is then separated according to their correct purities and each batch is weighed on very sensitive and accurate scales.
The gold price per batch is calculated using the gold price for the day and according to the purity.
The price of diamonds is calculated separately and then added to the total of the price of the gold.
From there, all we need is your ID or driver’s licence and we will be able to make a same-day payment or cash payment.


Frequently asked questions:

I have an insurance valuation, will I get the amount stipulated on the valuation if I sell the items?

A valuation for insurance purposes indicates the cost to replace an item. This includes the labour costs, and a few other costs. Basically for that price, you can recreate exactly what you had. When selling jewellery, the entity buying the jewellery cannot buy back the profit that was made on the piece of jewellery and also not the labour costs. Thus, the price you will get for selling your jewellery is always lower than the amount on the valuation.

Do you buy rough/raw diamonds?

No, we do not deal with rough/raw diamonds at all.

What do I do if I have jewellery and I am not sure if it is gold or not?

Most rings have stamps on the inside of the band which states what Karat it is(if it is gold) or another number which will tell you what metal it is. 9kt,14kt, 18kt are all gold items. If the stamp reads 375 or 750, that also means it is gold (9kt and 18kt respectively). If a ring has been stamped with 925 it is made of silver. A stamp that reads PLAT would mean that the ring is made of platinum.
If absolutely no stamp is present, then you are more than welcome to stop by and we can test the metal in front of you. The process is quite simple and it does not affect the ring in any way.

What if I want to sell only the gold of my ring and not the diamond?

We can have the diamond(or any other gemstones) removed from the setting and we will make you an offer on the gold exclusively.

Do you do Trade-Ins?

Yes, if you are planning to have a ring made by us, you can use old jewellery to pay for your new piece of jewellery. Feel free to send us a message and we will get back to you with a quote.

What is gold plated jewellery?

Gold plated jewellery is generally silver jewellery or jewellery made from various other alloys such and nickel and copper, which has then undergone electro plating. The ‘gold plate’ is much thinner than it sounds and is only 0.5 microns thick. This means that it does not carry the same value as real gold at all.

Do you buy Kruger coins?

Yes we do purchase kruger coins of any size as well as gold coins which are not considered ‘Kruger coins’. These can be collector’s Coins or medallions.

How long do your offers last?

The gold price is always changing and for that reason, we cannot keep our offer the same indefinitely. Depending on the volatility of the gold price at any given time, a consultant will let you know for how long we can offer a certain price. However, each offer is valid for about 1 week before we would have to re-quote.