Ring Sizes the Ultimate Guide


After the desired ring is identified the question of “How will I know what her ring size is?” remains.  Look no further than this detailed article. Your ultimate guide to ring sizes. For men reading this and having no clue how to get her ring size without her picking up on your intentions, please come and see us. We will give you great ideas of how this daunting task can be successfully completed. 

Back to the ring sizes and how to know which size is the right one. 

A truth that must first be mentioned is that ladies tend to retain water and their fingers fluctuate in size on a daily basis.  Your fingers are prone to ‘swell’ after a workout session, being active during the day and even just the heat of the day.  Your ring might be too big in the early hours of the morning but then again be too small as the day comes to an end.  Seeing that this is the case for most woman it is important to ask yourself whether your fingers fluctuate in size a lot or a tiny bit. Every woman’s situation is unique.  By asking yourself this question when taking the measurements of your ring finger is to make provision for the fluctuation.  You must get it just right.  The compensation for the swelling of your fingers must not be so big that you risk losing your ring two thirds of the day.  Likewise, it should not be too small causing great discomfort when your fingers do swell as the day goes by and as you are exposed to warmer temperatures.  Your choice of a ring size should be in the middle of a tight and loose fit.  If you fit when your fingers are already swollen, the chosen ring size can be a bit tighter and vice versa.

Should a few weeks pass after your initial ring size was taken we suggest that before deciding to commence with the manufacturing of  the ring, it is always best to have your ring size taken again due to the fluctuation in size difference over the weeks and year. This mostly happens when brides in particular go on strict diets weeks and months before the big day causing them to loose weight, resulting in the ring being too big at the end of the day. Vice versa is also a reality in a few instances.


A ring should fit nicely over your knuckle (not too loose or to tight) and should rest comfortably on your finger. When you clench your fist, it should not cause discomfort and cut of the blood supply.

The perfect ring size is accomplished by starting with a ring size that is too small and then moving on to a bigger size until it is a bit loose. You will then simply take it one step back to the smaller size whether it be a half size or full size smaller. This will allow you to narrow it down and get a size that fits just right.

The ring sizes work with numbers or the alphabet. Regarding the alphabet an example of a half size will be as follows: M+ the plus symbol signifies the half which is then M and a half. Adding another half size to the M+ will give you a size N. Surely that sums it up. To answer your following question the answer is yes. We can also have your ring made to a three-quarter size such as M¾ We can make your ring just as you please. You are the boss; you tell us what you want and so it will be.