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Professional Jewellery Repairs: How to Avoid it and When it is Necessary

Jewellery is a luxury few get to enjoy, especially when it comes in a combination of precious metals and stones. It is not uncommon for jewellery to be passed down from generation to generation as heirlooms so that this indestructible luxury continues to be enjoyed. However, jewellery does break and wear over the years that pass. Do not fret, no need to leave the piece of jewellery in a box to collect dust. One of the many benefits of full-service providers like Your Diamonds is that our professionals are adept at bringing new pieces to life but also repairing old ones using new technologies.

Jewellery is Made of Tough Materials But Still Requires Jewellery Repairs

Precious metals and gems may be tough but they are not indestructible. They can fall victim to excess force of long-term wear and tear like anything else. The reality is that your piece of jewellery, whether it is old or new, will need jewellery repairs at some point.

Gems Must Be Protected While Metals are Worked On

When jewellery repairs are done by professionals, they know to remove the stone when working on the metals. Oftentimes people take their jewellery in to be repaired and it returns with the metals fixed but the gem damaged. Our professionals at Your Diamonds are accustomed to all facets of jewellery design, repairing and cleaning and are sure to preserve that which is given to them.

Precious metals are often worked on with torches and other sources of heat which can damage precious gems, especially pearls and opals. This intense heat can cause a crack or other damage to many precious stones, so getting jewellery repairs done by professionals is essential. Don’t let just anyone take on the task of repairing something which is irreplaceable to you.

Responsible Jewellery Storage Will Mean Less Frequent Need for Jewellery Repairs

The correct storage of jewellery will mean an increased lifetime and less need to clean it as frequently. Silver is prone to oxidising when left exposed to oxygen for extended periods of time, storing silver jewellery in airtight containers will prevent this from occurring so quickly.

Jewellery must also be stored separately to avoid the pieces scratching each other and tarnishing simply because they were put away with other jewellery.

Knowing When to Take Off Your Jewellery is Very Important

Removing your jewellery at the appropriate times is key to its preservation and avoiding jewellery repairs when it could have been evaded by some forethought. Swimming pools and hot tubs are enemy number one, the chemicals tarnish the metals as well as direct sunlight and sunscreen. Swimming in the sea has seen many people lose a precious piece of jewellery so as a rule leave it at home or in your hotel room when partaking in outdoor activities and any kind of swimming.

When cooking and gardening it is also advised to remove your jewellery as it may come into contact with abrasives or chemicals that could damage it.

Routine Cleaning Can Extend the Time Between Jewellery Repairs

Regular cleaning of your jewellery can lengthen the lifetime of the piece before they require repairs. Be sure to inspect your jewellery when cleaning so you are aware of any weaknesses that may call for jewellery repairs.

Be sure to call us at Your Diamonds for professional jewellery repairs and cleaning.