Oval Cut

Oval Cut

Beautifully Priced

Let us start us by saying that Oval cut diamonds are well priced other than being absolutely beautiful. Oval cut diamonds are increasing in popularity and perhaps because of the mere fact that it nearly has all the best bits and characteristics of a round brilliant cut diamond. An oval cut boils down to being an elongated round brilliant cut diamond making the oval shimmer and sparkle brilliantly however to your advantage it comes with a better price tag. You might also consider a marquise cut diamond or perhaps the baguette shape.

More for your money

It is inevitable that you will always get more for your money on an oval cut as compared to a round brilliant cut diamond or any other diamond really. The surface area of an oval cut compared to other cuts is more. The reason behind this magnificent advantage to you as the consumer is that less weight sits in the depth of the diamond. 

This means that when your oval is set in a ring, less diamond sits beneath the bezel which is not seen when the ring is worn. Ovals appear to be larger because of the extra surface area.

The art of deception

Oval cut diamonds come to the rescue to the ladies who have their hearts set on this beautiful stone however find themselves to have shorter fingers. Oval diamonds are flattering and have the advantage of making shorter fingers appear longer with the oval running lengthwise down the finger. Having that said we give many thanks to the compatibility of the oval cut diamond offering women the best in both worlds.

Proportions of oval cut diamonds

Oval diamonds that have proportions less than ideal tend to have a bow tie effect in the middle of the diamond stretching across the width of the diamond (in the shape of a bow tie) This can cause that the diamond appears to be less attractive.

The ratio of an oval diamond in terms of length to width is between 1.35-1.5.

A point to take note of and to remember very well is that your decision making should not be based on specifications on black and white. It is encouraged that you will make an appointment and come and see the diamonds for yourself. By doing this you make a very informed decision. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Impact of Colour on an oval cut diamond

When considering an ideal colour to choose when it comes to an oval cut diamond, it is prefered for many in general to stay with a colour that falls within the white spectrum. The yellow colour is concentrated more on the ends of an oval cut where the facets become smaller. Leaving your diamond with a lighter middle and more yellow towards the ends.

A noteworthy comment to make is that so-called faint yellow colour graded diamonds appear to be surprisingly white when seen in person and especially outside in the natural light. Here is another reason to never debunk a stone without seeing it. You might just end up saving yourself a few thousand rands.

Oval cut engagement rings look classy and elegant whether you choose a solitaire design or a design that requires more. It offers you the opportunity to be creative with your design. A word of warning would be to not clutter the design with too many bells and whistles.

The risk and downside of doing this is that the attention will no longer be on the Oval cut diamond. No longer receiving the praise it worthily deserves. It is a diamond to be shown off and worn with confidence.

Safety conscious

When thinking along the lines of caution, you should consider having a setting with 6-claws holding the diamond in place. There needs to be no worry that too much metal will be seen and less of your graceful diamond. The setting and claws will remain timeless and elegant, far from being robust. This remains true for a 4 claw of 6-claw setting.