Jewellery Loose Diamonds

The most frequent question when it comes to loose diamonds is “how much does a diamond cost?” to which there is no solid single answer. Let me explain in more detail. Imagine me asking you how much a car costs. You won’t be able to tell me, will you? Right away you will gather more information regarding the mileage, the condition be it brand new or second hand. Has it been in an accident or not? Colour, make, model, baseline etc. All these questions are valid and have a big impact on the price of the loose diamond for sale.

The same principle applies to diamonds. The price range is extremely vast, from a few thousand rand to a few million rand. It all depends what you are looking for. The slightest change in terms of the colour, clarity, carat weight and diamond cut makes a huge difference in price. It is always recommended that you come and see us to view the diamonds with your own eyes and by so doing make a better informed decision. You will be surprised at how much money you can save yourself by doing yourself the favour by setting up an appointment to view various diamond options and make the comparisons between diamonds A B and C.

You will be pleasantly surprised as every client of ours that you do not have to purchase the whitest and purest diamond to get a stone which is admirable and beautiful beyond description. The biggest question you need to ask yourself is whether you can see the big price difference between the various options when looking at them with the naked eye. Many times the answer is no. Should the answer be no, you can save yourself the difference or alternatively upgrade to a bigger stone with a better colour and or clarity. This fascinating experience cannot be brought to you by the internet or email. It is something you need to see to understand it.

Perhaps the least important characteristic of a diamond is the clarity, especially when you are looking for more diamond in other words flash for cash. Inclusions in a diamond are proof or its origin as a naturally mined diamond and should not be regarded as a blemish at all. With the new lab grown diamonds entering the market without spot, one cannot help to think that the inclusions in diamonds that are very often frowned upon will become very important to the buyer and sought after as proof of a natural diamond.

Loose diamonds are more than enough for a man to bow down on his right knee and ask the love of his life to spend the rest of her life with him. This is a smart way of proposing without running the risk of guessing what her taste in ring designs are and getting it wrong. 

This is also a clever way to consider when you do not wish to wake any sleeping dogs by asking to many questions and trying the often seemingly impossible task of getting her ring size without her noticing or anticipating your next move. You can both see the jeweller and designer to discuss her dream ring and customize the design as you please and effortlessly get the ring size. The diamond is the most important part after all. A diamond symbolizing great commitment, faithfulness and promise between a married couple. A symbol that is forever and lasting just like the characteristics of a diamond. What a beautiful promise of joy, happiness and unity.