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How to Design Your Own Engagement Ring in South Africa

Your Diamonds’ ring designers are geared with the skills it takes to allow you to design your own engagement ring in South Africa.

How Can You Design Your Own Engagement Ring in South Africa?

The answer is much simpler than you may think; Your Diamonds is the short answer. At Your Diamonds, the design and manufacturing of personalised jewellery are integral to our business service offerings. This can allow brides-to-be to design their own engagement rings.

Alternatively, if the one asking for your hand knows what you would like they can meet with our designers to bring the dream engagement ring to life and keep the proposal a surprise. This is not limited to diamond ring designs. Your Diamonds makes any kind of custom jewellery, if you can dream it up our designers can bring it to life.

Professional Ring Designers

Our professional jewellery designers use state-of-the-art technology to interpret your design and show it to you as a 3D image before beginning to work on manufacturing. This modern step allows us to save time and get the ring to the customer looking exactly the way they want it, the first time around.

Open Lines of Communication with Ring Designers

Whether you are overseas or available for a meeting, the lines of communication between you and the ring designers will always remain open. You will have an initial meeting whereby you can brief the designer on exactly what you want, send pictures, and describe the ring you have in mind to the ring design.

They will be able to interpret your design while giving their professional advice when it comes to the practicality and longevity of the design. No ring designer wants to promise something that will prove to be impractical or too uncomfortable to actually wear. Our ring designers will take all your instructions and apply their years of expertise to create something beautiful to adorn your ring finger for years to come.

The Final Diamond Ring Design Goes into the Your Diamonds Hall of Fame

All of our original designs have a special place in our hearts. We love to take photographs for the website so we can immortalise the beauty captured by your and the ring designers’ combined efforts to create something original and truly stunning. Check out some of the engagement trends expected for 2020 here. At Your Diamonds, we will proudly parade your pride and joy on our website as we give you the opportunity to design your own engagement ring in South Africa.

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