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How Diamond Ring Redesign Works

How Diamond Ring Redesign Works

The redesign of diamond rings is commonplace for jewellers, and not just as repairs. Many people choose to redesign their diamond rings in South Africa for a multitude of reasons. This article will discuss how and why the diamond ring redesign process takes place.

How Diamond Ring Redesigns Work

There are many ways to redesign a diamond ring. For example, you may consider a diamond ring redesign, a resizing or addition to your ring, while in some cases it may be taking apart a diamond ring to create a completely new ring, or bracelet or necklace.

Basically, a diamond ring redesign can be anything you want it to be thanks to our talented custom jewellery designers and manufacturing teams.

Why People Opt for Diamond Ring Redesigns

Diamond rings are precious and treasured by those who have them. People opt for diamond ring redesigns for reasons varying from sad stories to happy endings. Whatever the reason may be, our custom jewellery designers can create what you need with what you already have in the form of a diamond ring, bracelets, earrings, broaches and necklaces.

Inherited Diamond Rings that Perhaps Aren’t Your Style

The desire to redesign a diamond ring often stems from people who have inherited a sentimental piece of jewellery from a loved one but don’t wear it, either because it doesn’t fit or just isn’t their style. People therefore choose to honour their loved one’s gift by turning it into something they can wear every day.

Turning a Family Heirloom into New Diamond Rings

Oftentimes, family members pass down their valuables in the form of diamond rings and other precious pieces. Times change, much like styles and taste. It would be a shame to let a beautiful piece with so much sentimental value just sit in a box, collecting dust. Instead, it is common for sons/grandsons/great-grandsons to preserve the sentimental value by using the heirloom to create a diamond ring with which to propose to their significant other. This would require the expertise of Your Diamonds to perform diamond ring redesigns to suit the taste and style of the fiancée-to-be.

Reinventing Your Ring after the Death of Your Spouse

Widows often turn to diamond ring redesign to wear the piece given to them by their late husband in a different context, perhaps just as a different ring worn on the right hand or a completely different piece of jewellery.

This is also the case in some divorces. In such instances, diamond ring redesigns are done to symbolise a change in the relationship but a retained friendship. Other times it could be to feel empowered by the diamond ring after a redesign which signifies a bright future rather than that which has been lost.

Whatever your needs may be, Your Diamonds is adapted to perform diamond ring redesigns. Contact us to redesign your diamond ring into your ultimate fantasy!