Heart cut

Heart cut

Throughout history, a heart shaped diamond has left an unmistakable trail of beauty and class. The creation of a heart shaped diamond dates back to the late 1400s when the diamond cut was considered a symbol of royalty. In 1463, the heart-shaped diamond cut made its first appearance during a conversation between Duke of Milan, Galeazzo Maria Sforza, and Nicodemo; the mythical quests of the wealthy Cosimo de Medici of the political dynasty was described by the Duke of Milan as a heart-shaped diamond. Shortly after, the desire for a heart shaped diamond took flight.

In 1562, the Mary Queen of Scots sent Queen Elizabeth a heart shaped diamond ring, which has gone down in history as one of the most notorious symbols of friendship and goodwill between royals. During a similar time, nobleman Cardinal de Richelieu was known for owning a 20carat heart shaped diamond given to him by a wealthy diamond merchant. The famous heart shaped diamond was destined for only the king.

The heart shaped diamond has become one of the most popular diamond cuts of our time. 

Even though the unique shape is a favourite choice amongst less traditional brides in the 21st century, the diamond cut has been around for a very long time. Even though, the heart shaped diamond has become more accessible over time the cut still remains one of the most expensive and integrate diamond cuts to create. The reason being the unique diamond cut can only be created by a skilful craftsman, using the best possible tools for the job.

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What to look for when purchasing a Heart shaped diamond?

Whether you’re purchasing a heart shaped diamond for you or a loved one, make sure to examine the symmetry of the diamond cut. It’s important to make sure the halves of the heart shaped cut are identical to one another. For the perfect display of a heart shaped diamond, the sides need to be slightly rounded while the middle of the heart needs to be distinct.

If you are buying a heart shaped diamond, keep in mind that the size of the diamond will have an impact on the brilliance. The smaller the heart shaped diamond, the less visible the cut becomes. 

Try to opt for a heart shaped diamond that is larger than 0.30 carats if it is to be used as a centre stone. It is important to also consider the setting of the heart diamond to maintain the shape; the setting will also influence how narrow or wide the heart shaped diamond should be. 

For example, if you’re planning to purchase a solitaire ring, a heart shaped diamond that is slightly wide on the side, will be the perfect fit to display the diamond’s brilliance.

Are heart shaped diamonds a good choice for an engagement ring?

Even though the heart shape is timeless, the heart shape cut on an engagement ring remains quite unique. Heart shaped engagement rings are enduring symbols of affection and romance, and therefore the heart diamond cut features many dazzling fire and flash.

Like other diamond cuts, heart shaped diamonds have a flat top facet called a table. The size of the diamond’s table, expressed as a percentage of its width, has a major impact on the amount of light that can enter into the diamond and reflect off its other facets, causing it to sparkle.

The two best settings for heart shaped engagement rings are the bezel setting and the three prong setting. The bezel setting will wrap around the entire heart shaped gemstone – this kind of setting provides the best amount of security, but it can block out a touch of light access to the diamond. The best 3-prong diamond setting will include two prongs on each upper lobe of the heart and one V shaped prong which covers the bottom V of the heart. This type of setting is additionally quite secure, and it will let many light into the diamond which is able to maximize fire and brilliance qualities. Also encouraged by us at Your Diamonds is the five prong settings, providing a lot of security for the stone while not compromising on the brilliance of this unique cut stone.

This type of ring will look absolutely stunning in small to large sizes – and you will find heart diamond rings and gemstone rings in a very wide price range to suit your budget. Heart engagement rings look quite lovely in a number of styles – from simple solitaires to halo engagement rings; bypass rings with two heart diamonds at the ends; engraved rings and even Celtic bands.

Because it takes a highly qualified cutter, and an exceptional diamond or gemstone, to cut a superior heart shaped effect, make sure to shop for your heart shaped engagement rings through a reputable and experienced jeweller such as Your Diamonds.