Gold Wedding Bands

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Variety of Gold Wedding Bands

There are many different metals for a man to choose from when choosing a ring. Gold wedding bands are very popular because it is the traditional metal of choice. There are also many variations of gold wedding rings, namely: Yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold, along with their different carats.

9ct gold is only 37.5% gold and the rest consists of alloys. more of either copper or silver are added to create rose gold and white gold respectively. !8ct gold is 75% pure gold and only 25% alloy, thus making it more expensive. !8ct white gold is harder than 9ct white gold because there is less silver in the alloy. Silver is a very soft metal and because 9ct white gold contains more of it, it tends to be softer.

Rose gold is not immensely popular in the making of men’s rings. It is mostly used for the inner lining of a ring or to add some colour to the trim, but rose gold rings are uncommon.

You might like titanium wedding bands. We also sell tungsten wedding rings.

Both white and rose gold rings are plated to keep their colour solid and eye catching, this incurs minor maintenance cost over a few years due to re-plating of the rings.

Another option for men’s rings is platinum. Platinum is 45% more dense than gold and is much harder. This means that a platinum ring is more durable than any variation of gold rings. Platinum does not have to be plated and can simply be polished when scratches become too apparent.

Gold mens ring