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Getting to Know the Trends of Diamond Rings for Sale in South Africa

There are many trends surfacing in 2019 when it comes to what is popular in the world of diamond rings for sale in South Africa.

If you are looking to propose to that lucky lady or treat yourself to some state-of-the-art jewellery consider some of the beautiful trending options in this article from Your Diamonds.

Yellow Gold Setting

The way in which rose gold ruled the diamond ring trend in recent years, it has now taken a backseat to the yellow gold diamond rings. The aesthetic of the yellow gold setting is making a huge comeback and we couldn’t be more delighted.

Our design team is always eager and ready to make your custom jewellery dreams come true by realising your desires and embracing the newest trends.

Uniquely Shaped Diamonds

When looking for diamonds on sale in South Africa, especially if they are intended for a diamond ring, the cut of the diamond is crucial. One of the most popular trends of 2019 is uniquely shaped or “fancy-shaped” diamonds which move away from the traditional cut for diamond rings, especially engagement rings. Brides-to-be looking for diamond rings for sale in South Africa are leaning towards more untraditional cuts like the Baguette, Oval and Pear cuts, rather than traditional diamond ring cuts like the Princess and Round Brilliant cuts.

Stacked Diamond Rings

Many people in the market for a diamond think, “Why stop at one?” Here at Your Diamonds, we tend to agree. An ever-growing trend is that of stackable rings. These engagement rings are able to sport many diamond cuts, colours and styles all rolled into one, so it is no wonder fiancées all over the globe are getting on board with this fashionable and ultra-modern trend.

Three-Stone Setting Diamond Rings for Sale in South Africa

Ever since the royal engagement between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the three-stone setting has come back into the world of popular jewellery designs, all guns blazing. Contemporary takes on the three-stone setting have proven to give a classic elegance while still sporting an undeniably modern and elevated air about them. Your choices of metals, cuts and stones are endless which is why the three-stone setting has never truly fallen out of fashion.

We have the new royals to thanks for the initial revival of attention on the three-stone setting. Now it is up to you to give our designers the combination you want when it comes to buying diamond rings for sale South Africa sporting the three-stone setting.

Here at Your Diamonds, we aim to please by ensuring the diamonds for sale in South Africa we make available to you end up in the perfect setting for you or that special someone. 

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