Fancy Stone Wedding ring

Diamonds in the normal colour range are colourless through light yellow diamonds and are described using the industry’s D-to-Z colour-grading scale. Fancy colour diamonds, on the other hand, are yellow and brown diamonds that exhibit colour beyond the Z range, or diamonds that exhibit any other colour face-up.

 These rare specimens come in every colour of the spectrum, including, most importantly, blue, green, pink, and red.

Gem diamonds in the D-to-Z range usually decrease in value as the colour becomes more obvious. Just the opposite happens with fancy colour diamonds: Their value generally increases with the strength of colour and purity of the colour. Large, vivid fancy colour diamonds are extremely rare and very valuable. However, many fancy diamond colours are muted rather than pure and strong. Fancy stone diamond wedding rings come in almost any colour you can imagine. 

Red, green, purple, and orange are generally the rarest, followed by pink and blue. Yellows and browns are the most common fancy colours, but they’re generally more affordable than the rarer colours. Blacks, grays, and fancy whites are considered fancies, too. We would like to focus on the Fancy yellowVivid yellow and Brown diamonds.

Fancy Yellow and Vivid Yellow Diamond rings

Yellow diamond engagement rings are a fantastic choice – they add a touch of individualism, but retain all of the positive attributes of a diamond: their brilliance and beauty, as well as their incredible hardiness which makes them perfect for a ring which is going to be worn every day.

Yellow diamonds are formed completely naturally – they aren’t just ‘regular’ white diamonds which been treated in some way to change their colour to yellow. Yellow diamonds are formed the exactly the same way as regular white diamonds – by great heat and pressure in the earth, over millions of years. The difference between yellow and white diamonds is that there was another substance present when the diamond was formed, which gives yellow diamonds their colour. This substance is nitrogen.

While white diamonds are the first choice for engagement rings and are the stones used in 80% of engagement ring, an engagement ring with a yellow diamond stands out as an individual choice.

For yellow diamonds, the fact that a yellow gold ring setting can increase the intensity of a yellow diamond considerably is definitely a desirable trait. We often set only the yellow diamond in yellow gold to amplify the colour of the stone while the rest of the setting is done in Platinum or white gold.

Other stones that are sometimes chosen instead of diamonds (e.g. emerald, ruby or sapphire) are significantly softer than diamond and therefore need to have much greater care taken with them, a yellow diamond is still the hardest natural material known to man, so is an ideal choice for a ring which is going to be worn every day.

Buying a yellow diamond

Buying a ‘round brilliant’, white diamond is relatively straight forward as each is reviewed by an independent authority and clearly graded with the 4 Cs and other quality factors. With a little caution and by using some other tools (idealscope, ASET scope etc), it’s relatively easy to find a high quality diamond.

However, with coloured diamonds, the grading is much more subjective. While there are agreed-upon diamond colour grading for yellow diamonds, within each colour grade there can be a considerable difference in colour. Two diamonds which look very similar can be graded into different colour bands, from Fancy yellow to Intense Yellow and up to Vivid Yellow. This will result in them being priced very differently. Fancy yellow are your paler colours, Intense Yellow is stronger in colour and the Vivid Yellow is a bright yellow.

When buying your Yellow diamond, consult with your diamond dealer on an appointment basis and view the stones. Selecting the correct intensity of the colour is still your choice as a costumer.

Brown Diamond rings

Brown diamonds, also referred to as light brown, chocolate, champagne, and cognac, are among the more affordable fancy colour diamonds because there are so many available.

Brown diamonds make a beautiful choice for an engagement ring and cognac diamond engagement rings are amongst the most sought after styles. With a wide variety of shades available, from delicately coloured stones with just the merest hint of colour through to deep rich brown, these diamonds offer a wonderful way to add personality to a ring. 

Their warm tones make them a perfect match for rose gold and yellow gold.

Brown toned diamonds are ideal for the artistic, dreamy and grounded lady. These stone can create the most astonishing solitaires to vintage or organic rings. Light brushing on the metal is often implemented to bring out the sparkle of the stone. It can further be enhanced with off-setting white accent stones.

From delicate lines to bold metal designs, they integrate with any taste and design.

Buying a Brown diamond

Asking whether or not brown diamonds are expensive is almost like asking whether cars are pricey. Diamonds, like cars, are costly items to begin with. However, their prices vary greatly, and this of course applies to brown diamonds as well. Though brown diamonds are generally more affordable than some other of their colour diamond counterparts such as pink diamonds due to their rather abundant production in contrast to many other colours, their prices can still reach staggering numbers. Brown diamond prices depend on the hue and intensity of the colour and also the diamond’s size, colour, clarity level, and cut. A large, low quality stone can be cheaper than a small flawless one. Therefore, each diamond needs to be looked at and considered based on its own individual specifications. Buying a brown diamond is one of the most “visual” purchases and it is vital to do this in consultation with your diamond dealer.

All fancy colour diamonds are rare. Since colour diamonds as a whole are only a tiny fraction of the world’s diamonds at what is referred to as gem quality, we are already looking at a very rare specimen. Having said that, brown diamonds do number higher than most other fancy colour diamonds, and are considered one of the more common and less expensive colour diamonds. This does not mean that you will be able to by these precious stones by the dozens. It does mean that if you fancy a colour diamond and don’t have the highest budget, you might just be able to purchase a larger brown diamond than a clearer diamond.