Engagement rings


Diamond engagement rings are the symbol of a new journey for many happy couples. Each engagement ring acts as a special token of the wearer’s personality and unique taste. Whether a simple and minimalistic design, or an elaborate piece of custom jewellery, all engagement rings differ from any other piece of jewellery because they symbolise such exciting new beginnings for those in love. 

engagement rings

A DIAMOND engagement ring can be specially crafted to suit almost any style, taste, and budget.

With South Africa being such a diverse country, finding engagement ring styles to match every tradition is important. In various cultures, the engagement ring consists of gold, silver or platinum band adorned with a diamond. However, in modern times, individuals buying engagement rings (and those receiving them) are breaking away from the traditional diamond engagement rings by incorporating colourful gemstones. The sky is the limit when it comes to finding or even customising diamond engagement rings.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, we offer a money back guarantee relating to craftmanship and design accuracy.

A fantastic alternative to proposing with an engagement ring is to simply propose with a loose diamond (or any other gemstone). This way, your fiancé can choose her own design if you are hesitant about getting it 100% right.

Choosing an engagement ring requires a bit of observance. Be sure to look out for any clues that are given when walking past a jewellery store or draw inspiration from her existing jewellery. If your fiancé to be doesn’t wear jewellery at all, then a simplistic design would be best fitting.

Halo and Solitaire settings are very popular, each having their own reasons why. The halo setting is very popular because of its flashy appearance and creates an illusion of a larger centre stone. The solitaire setting is popular for a very different reason. The solitaire showcases the stone with a simplistic design and allows the stone to speak for itself.