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White gold square halo engagement ring with princess cut diamond and round brilliant cut diamonds

For thousands of years wedding bands have been to symbol of endless love and devotion between newlywed couples. Over the years the styles, design and construction of wedding bands have changes however the meaning and symbolism remains the same. A diamond wedding band is the perfect way to symbolize endless love and devotion to one another. Seeing that there is no end to a wedding band, likewise it is meant to symbolize the endless love couples have towards one another.  You might have heard many couples make mention of this symbol when exchanging their vows or even the pastor making mention of this terrific symbolism and how it ought to be from that special day onwards.

The symbolism goes even further than just the commitment and love between the couples. It also signifies unification and the unity of not only the couple becoming one but also two whole families that merge in unity and become one. As long as the bride and groom wear their wedding bands it stands as a bold symbol to the world of their unification by way of marriage. Therefore is is important to always wear your wedding band regardless of where you are or what you are doing. It is an eternal promise, remember.

Wedding bands are also a symbol of good luck and carries with it the influencing powers of positivity and encouragement. When days seem dull and dreary with your head hanging low, all it takes is to have a quick glimpse of your wedding band and reflect upon the great day of unification, the vows and promises that were exchanged and to remember what matters most, which is family.

Matching wedding bands can also be a great filler and compliment to the wedding ring and make a beautiful picture. Wedding bands can also be word alone and still look good. It has the essence of class and elegance to it. You might like our eternity bands to compliment a wedding ring.


Wedding bands can be plain gold or platinum or enhanced with diamonds that make the full circle known as a full eternity wedding band. It looks stunning however you need to consider your busy lifestyle when choosing a full eternity wedding band. The downside of having diamonds run right around is that it can be scratchy between the small and middle finger and there is of course a bigger risk of losing a diamond.

Especially on the bottom half, this occurs over time as your hands clasp on stair rails, door handles, grocery bags and as it knocks on the desk or counter top. The claws are fine and made to hold the diamonds in place and not to endure heavy blows from time to time. A bump too many can be enough to lose a diamond or two. Maintenance is important and to have your ring checked under magnification will greatly limit the possibility of having a diamond fall out. 

An easy way to keep your diamond wedding band looking new and sparkly is to have it soak in warm water and dishwashing liquid for 10-15 minutes and then to take a soft toothbrush and gently clean between the diamonds and claws. It is common that sweat, food, oil, dust and lotion gets stuck between the diamonds or even under the diamond if not cleaned often. This jeopardizes your ring by taking away from the sparkle and life the ring is capable of displaying. 

When having a diamond band whether it be a half eternity or full eternity diamond wedding band you have room to play and you are quite flexible when it comes to choosing your style and size of diamonds. They can be 1.3mm diamonds or 3mm diamonds and bigger. The diamonds on the wedding band do not need to match the size of the diamonds on the wedding ring. Be careful not to be restricted in thought, it is your style and your design. Be creative. 

It is recommended to stay with the same colour range of diamonds so that there is not a definitive contrast of colour between the diamonds on the wedding ring and the wedding band. This is however with the exception of the main diamond. The ‘smalls’ which they are called can always be a colour grade or two whiter than the main diamond. This enhances the whiteness of the set in totality and makes that your main diamond also appears to be whiter that it is. Once again the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. It is ultimately your choice and your ring to adore. No norm can govern your thoughts.