Diamond Pendants

White gold pendant with Tanzanite and round brilliant cut diamond

Looking back at the history of diamond necklaces, which dates back approximately 150 years, we can see that these luxurious pieces were worn almost exclusively by royals and the upper class of society. Rumour has it that a king of Hungary, who is thought to be Andrew I, had rough diamonds placed in his wife’s crown. Diamonds were highly valued then, just as they are today and are still sought after by royalty and those that want to add a bit of sparkle to their lives. Because diamonds were cut without much precision back in the day, they would set a diamond over a piece of silver to create the illusion that the diamond was sparkling. Setting a stone like this obviously meant that the options for setting were rather limited. With diamond cutters refining the art of cutting diamonds to show their brilliance, many different settings can now be used.

Pendants are usually simple in design, but still very eye catching, the perfect addition to your costume jewelry to complete your look. Whether you are going for a simplistic feel or a bold and more extravagant presence, a diamond pendant will never let you down.

Diamonds can be set in many different metals, such as yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, platinum and silver, which highlights the stone in unique ways. This creates many different options to show off your personality with a single piece of jewelry or coupled with other character-enhancing jewelry.

A diamond pendant or necklace immediately makes the wearer seem more sophisticated and can upgrade almost any look. Perfect for dress-up or fancy events. The elegance of a diamond pendant quickly distinguishes between women and girls. With many different shapes of diamonds to choose from, a woman can truly express her character without saying much.

Diamond pendants or just pendants in general are very versatile, and can be worn with various types of clothing, be it a high collared blouse or a low-cut dress. Adjusting the length of the chain can either draw attention away from the body or accentuate the body. 

Necklaces typically come in four lengths: 42cm, 45cm, 50cm, and 55cm. Ladies with shorter necks might want to opt for a shorter chain to keep the elegance of the pendant visible and central. If the chain is too long the diamonds luster might get lost in the colorful noise of the clothing worn.

Belcher, Curb, Cable, Figaro, Snake, Wheat, Box, Omega and Anchor are some of the most popular chain styles available. Choker chains have gained a reasonable amount of popularity in recent years, making it a hot choice for 2020. They keep the diamond closer to the face which keeps attention on the beauty of a lady, this is further emphasized when coupled with a beautiful pair of matching earrings.

Depending on the design, a pendant can either smooth out a certain look with its round edges and soft feminine design. Or with careful design, the pendant can add boldness and authority to your style.

Either way, a diamond pendant is a must have for the modern woman. Whether it may be for a dress-up event or for everyday wear, a pendant adds an aura to a woman’s presence that no other piece of jewelry can.

As with buying any valuable item, it is crucial that you buy a diamond pendant from a trusted and reputable dealer. With experience comes wisdom, even if it isn’t your own experience, so here is our advice: We suggest that you view the diamonds in person if possible. 

This allows you to better acquaint yourself with the product you will be potentially purchasing.

Diamond pendants make for beautiful and memorable gifts. Because of their classic design and popular appeal, diamond pendants are often kept as family heirlooms and passed down for generations.

Diamond necklaces range in value depending on the number of diamonds, the diamond carat weight, diamond cut quality, and type of setting and metal used.

Pendants of all varieties have been worn for centuries across many cultures. Due to their beauty and sleek design, diamond pendants are also frequently worn by celebrities and royalty.

  • A famous briolette diamond necklace bought at Christie’s Auction in Hong Kong sold for $11.1 million. Weighing more than 75 carats, the briolette diamond necklace also included a purple-pink marquise shaped diamond.
  • The largest D color flawless diamond ever auctioned (weighing 163.41 carats) was part of a diamond and emerald necklace designed by de Grisogono. It went for $25-30 million in 2001 at Christie’s.
  • Celebrities often found wearing diamond pendants: Mila Kunis, Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian.

To find a diamond pendant for sale that will ‘wow’ the one you love, book an appointment with one of the Your Diamond consultants to turn your idea into a unique piece of jewelry.